1. Do I have to register to use www.imagescentre.com?

Ans: You don’t have to register to search and view images or read our blog or content. Registration for membership required only when you want to submit or buy images, save images in collections or get our weekly free stock photos.

2. Is there charge for registering as a customer on imagescentre?

Ans: No. Registration with www.imagescentre.com is absolutely free.

3. How can I pay for Image?

Ans: We accepts payments through most of credit cards, debit cards, net banking and as well as via paypal.

4. For what purpose can I use images of www.imagescentre.com?

Ans: -Multimedia Presentations

       -Education Materials

       -Websites and blog illustration

      -TV, films, video products.

5. I have forgotten my username/password what should I do?

Ans: Click the forget password link on the login page of www.imagescentre.com and we will send you a link to reset your password.

6. Can I change my password?

Ans:  Yes, just login and go to “My Account” and change your password.  

7. How do I change my address, telephone number, and other registered details?

Ans: Login and choose “change account detail” under “my account”.

8. How can I find about your photographers and illustrator?

Ans:  Next to each Image preview you will find the photographer, illustrator’s username. Click the link to view their portfolio and to know more about them.


9. Will I have to go through whole ordering process for each image I buy?

Ans:  NO. You can pay for all selected images at a time.

10. How do I download images?

Ans:  Open the image of your choice, simply with one click you can download or save.

11. Are the images free of Watermarks?

Ans: All high resolution images you download will come without watermarks.   

12. Which license do I buy for your media?

Ans:    Our media can be downloaded under various license agreement, depending on usage deliberated. All our media can be downloaded  under free license which is suitable for most usage types.

13. How do I search for content?

Ans:   There are two ways

  1. Enter keyword in the Search box.

  2. Browse our categories and refine your request with keywords and filters.

14. What is subscription plan?

Ans: A subscription plan let you to pay a rate to access a limit of image download per month. Subscription will automatically renew unless you update your renewable status before 72 hours prior to expiration.

15. How do I cancel my subscription?

Ans: If you do not wish to renew your subscription, simply change your renewable status on your account page. Make this change at least 72 hours prior to expiration.

16. How will I get paid?

Ans:   Every time your image is sold we add the earned credits to your account. Once you have  earned minimum 50 credits then you can cash that out via PayPal.

17. What are credits?

Ans: Credits are like token. You purchase them ahead of time, and you can rescue them whenever you like to download the content. Credit can be used to purchase images, clips or license. Credits are best suited for customer who is planning for purchasing more than one image.

18. Do credits expire?

Ans:  Credits last for 365 days from the original purchase date.

19. Can I use my Image on website?

Ans:   Yes. All of our image can be used on your website.

20. Can I add text on Images?

Ans:  Yes, all of our Images can be manually edited to add texts.


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